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Important: Client Acknowledgment & Disclosure Regarding Professional Service Providers, and Prefered Vendors.

Thank you for choosing Jordan Ashton with Realty ONE Group. Our firm will always strive to provide the very best service to our clients and customers. As we proceed through your real estate purchase, you may be using professionals in other fields. We need you to know that the decision of the specific professionals you use is yours to make. We will give you the names of professionals in various service areas. You are not limited to these names. You may hire any professional of your choice. Make sure you are satisfied with the credentials and competence of the professionals you choose.


The included names have been used by other buyers, some have been suggested by other brokers and/or other sources. This list is a starting point only. We cannot guarantee the outcome or level of service provided. We have not performed any investigation or confirmation of the competence or expertise of these providers. You need to be comfortable with the person you select, whether from this list or from any other source. You may want to consider items you feel the service provider should possess, talk with others that have used their services and obtain information on their expertise.


Some service providers hold licenses from a governmental agency that may supply adverse information about the licensee. Our practice is for you to attend all inspections. If you are not available at the scheduled time, the inspection will be canceled.


  • LENDERS—We can provide general information about home financing. The specific question must be addressed to a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator. You will make the final choice of lender.


  • PROPERTY INSPECTORS—There are no licensing requirements for property (home) inspectors in Colorado. However, most inspectors acquire their education from various professional organizations. The following is just a sampling of some of the inspections you may want to have done: 

    • ​​Some inspectors will do radon and asbestos testing. They may or may not do testing for lead-based paint. Expansive soils may be a consideration. Mold could be a problem and all inspectors are not competent to inspect for mold. A Certified Industrial Hygienist can inspect the property to determine if the property has been used as a methamphetamine lab. Artificial stucco could be a problem. A structural engineer would probably be best for structural integrity.


  • APPRAISERSIf you are purchasing property needing financing then the Appraisal Management Company hired by the lender usually chooses the appraiser. If you are purchasing for cash, assumption or owner carry financing, you will choose the appraiser.


  • ATTORNEYS—We are not allowed to give you legal advice and we always recommend that you seek legal counsel for the transaction and an attorney to review the title work. The only caution we might give you is that you should choose an attorney who understands real estate (some specialize in real estate). We will work with your attorney throughout the transaction.


  • HOME WARRANTY COMPANIES—There are many companies that sell home warranty policies. Read the policy carefully as to what is covered and is not covered as well as the deductibles.


  • SURVEYORS—The title insurance company or lender may require an IMPROVEMENT LOCATION CERTIFICATE, (ILC). This is not a staked survey, does not guarantee the location of lot lines and may not be used for fencing or add-ons to improvements. If you contemplate improvements or want to know the exact location of property lines, it is best to obtain an Improvement Survey Plat.


  • WELL, AND SEPTIC OR SEWER LINE INSPECTION—Discuss with the inspector whether the inspection will be surface or subsurface. What components and tests are recommended to be performed, and the basis for this suggestion. The cost of a thorough inspection is always far less than replacement of repair of the systems.


  • TITLE INSURANCE CO. The title insurance policy provides you insurance against defects in title, with exceptions. If you finance your purchase, the lender will require that you pay for a mortgagee (lender) title insurance policy. You may purchase this policy from any title company that you choose. However, if you use the same title company that writes your policy it will cost a fraction of the cost than if you use a different title company. RESPA states that if the buyer pays any part of the owner’s title insurance the buyer has the right to choose the title company.


Jordan Ashton with Realty ONE Group will show you any property in any area you desire. If you know the neighborhood or area you would like to live, we can with your instructions, limit our search to specific areas. We cannot make decisions as to where you live or where your children attend school. It is important that once you locate a property that you determine if the school system is satisfactory to you. It seems that all areas have crime. We cannot know how much crime is too much crime for you. The police department has statistics on crime rates in various areas.


There is a Federal Law called “Megan’s Law”. Megan was a small child who was molested and murdered by a convicted and released sex offender who resided in her neighborhood. The law states that people living in a neighborhood have the right to know if such a person is residing in the neighborhood. Once you locate property, you may want to check with the local jurisdictions who are required to keep lists of convicted sex offenders once released and where they reside.


Thank you for your patience. The purchase of real estate is a very important investment and we think the above are some of the things you should consider.

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